Sorry for being sleepy. We’ll be back to full operation on April 15th.

But don’t wait until then, plan ahead. Pre-order your Ring-Rings now at a massive 25% discount, and we’ll send out your wristbands on April 15th. Just in time for all those sunny holidays, parks and playdates. Thanks for your patience, and play safe!

Just in case…

Are you heading to a themepark? Booking a holiday abroad? Sending your kids off on a school trip or a birthday outing? Order now and place a Ring-Ring on his/her wrist for that little extra security!

Small people are curious creatures and can disappear in seconds; a brief distraction can leave the most responsible parents feeling desperate.

Ring-Rings are singularly debossed silicon armbands that come in bright, child friendly colors; and starting from a miniature 14cm they are perfect for toddlers and small children. By simply choosing a size and color, filling in a name and contact phone number, you can create your own unique armband, giving a lost child a direct route back into their parents arms should the unthinkable happen.